In Her Own Words

P.C. Cast on the HON series

In an exclusive interview with, P.C. Cast spoke candidly about the HON series, how she got her daughter involved in the writing process, and the M word…

On HON: The idea for the series originated with my fabulous agent, Meredith Bernstein. We were at RWA Nationals in Reno several years ago and Meredith said she had an idea for a series she’d like to see me write. Then she said the three magic words: vampire finishing school. Basically, it sounded like fun to write, so I jumped in even though I’d only written fantasy and paranormal romance up until then.

On 70s Slang: I brought Kristin in while I was writing the first three chapters of Marked. I kept stumbling over silly little things, like specific slang that I thought I knew, but found out once I started writing about teenagers that MY deeply buried inner teen from the 70s kept trying to resurface and butt in with her slang! Kristin keeps me straight about that. She also says she keeps Zoey from “sounding like a 40-something disgruntled school teacher”. Sigh.

On Stephenie Meyer: I enjoy Ms Meyer’s books very much… I’m proud to be a member of the ranks of YA authors!

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