We Heart LDN!

This month the House of Night authors P.C and Kristin Cast hit the UK in their first (and what we hope won’t be their last) British book tour. Over five jam packed days the authors visited London, Ramsgate, Manchester, York and Scotland – signing up a storm, reading from the House of Night series novels, and generally spreading merriment and Goddess-given joy!

As you might expect from the dynamic duo, these were book signings with bite! The events saw P.C and Kristin giving advice to aspiring young authors and awarding prizes to the fans who asked the most original and interesting questions. They spoke frankly about the real life inspirations for characters and locations in the novels, talked a little about which of her many love interests Zoey may end up with, and there were even some teeny tiny hints about what’s in store for Zoey and the gang in Tempted. And tempted we were (lucky there are only five short weeks until Tempted is released in October, really!)

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the events (and for those of you who could and are just eager to remember) here are some photos, videos and highlights to keep you satisfied!


Waterstone’s York and Manchester

House of Night Book Tour

The tour got off to an amazing start. Fans in Manchester and York gave the authors a truly spectacular welcome! P.C. and Kristin were greeted by screaming young (and not so young) ladies in full Dark Daughters get up, complete with some seriously cool vamp tattoos! The authors took time out to give this interview to the UK HON fansite and one lovely York based fan even made this very well put together video! (Thank you!)

Ramsgate Library, Kent

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By the end of this event the whole room was literally hanging on P.C.’s words. Kent TV press at Ramsgate’s newly revamped library were so beguiled by P.C. and the House of Night series they even put together the above video to document day three of the House of Night book tour. There is talk of Zoey and co coming to the UK, so in Ramsgate P.C. began her character research with a portion of good old fish and chips on the waterfront!




In Scotland P.C. and Kristin began their character research in earnest. Not a Scottish pagan site was left unturned … Check out the above, perfect location to cast a Full Moon Ritual circle, no?


The Casts

In London P.C. and Kristin dropped into Sugar magazine for a live webchat. In just under an hour they received over 500 questions! Click here for full transcript!  The author’s UK publisher, Atom, sent them off in style with a high glamour high tea! Godiva chocs and bespoke organic cupcakes were had by all!