New Year, New Look (Sort of…)

Happy New Year fans and fledglings, and thank you for making the launch of Tempted the biggest House of Night UK launch yet!!!

As we are sure you all know Burned, book 7 in your absolute-favourite-vampire-series-in-the-world-ever, is published on 27 April and (obviously, obviously) it is going to be fantastic!!! UK publishers Atom, however, have decided that fantastic just ain’t good enough. No, Atom want to make the publication of Burned even more exciting for you! So, to tie in with the UK launch of House of Night 7, Atom will be publishing some very snazzy coloured-edged collector’s editions of the first six books in the series (and yes, that includes a particularly fetching paperback edition of Tempted!!!)

As a special January treat we got our design team to show you what these are going to look like but – trust us – they look much more amazing in person. These are definitely copies you’re going to want on your shelves!

New coloured-edge paperback editions of the House of Night series

All 6 books available to buy from 27 April 2010.

Chances to win sets of these absolute eye-treats, coming your way soon!

Stay tuned.

House of Night Team