Welcome to the House of Night, Classmates!

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Zoey Redbird

It’s safe to say that Zoey Redbird is not your average fledgling. From her Goddess-given affinity for the five elements to her unusual vampyre tattoos, she stands out at the HON finishing school. With all the responsibility that comes with being Head of the Dark Daughters, and High-Priestess in the making, it’s a good thing she has good friends, two (or is it three?) almost boyfriends, and a loving grandma to rely on!

Erin Bates and Shaunee Cole

Room-mates Erin and Shaunee are most likely to be heard finishing each other’s sentences and cursing Damien for his geeky vocabulary. Otherwise known as ‘The Twins’ (despite one being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl from Tulsa, and the other a Connecticut girl of Jamaican decent) they bring some much needed high fashion (and a cute boy conscience) to the group!

Stevie Rae Johnson

Stevie Rae Johnson is Zoey’s room-mate at the House of Night. A true Okie girl at heart, she loves her cowboy boots, roper jeans and all things Kenny Chesney (well he is a vampyre too dontcha know!).

Aphrodite LaFont

Ex-leader of the Dark Daughters, Aphrodite LaFont has been Zoey’s sworn enemy at the HON from day one. When not performing salacious acts in darkened corridors or exploiting her Goddess-given gift for foreseeing the future, this Carrie Bradshaw look-a-like is actually (almost) a nice girl!

Heath Luck

With his big brown eyes and floppy blond hair, quarterback Heath Luck has been Zoey’s on/off boyfriend since he was in third grade. While Zoey tried to break it off with him before entering the House of Night, Heath seems to be an ever constant presence in Zoey’s daily (and love)life.

Damien Maslin

Next to Stevie Rae, Damien is Zoey’s closest friend at the HON. He has a knack for using big words like ‘propensity’ as in ‘her unfortunate shoe propensity’ which gets on just about everybody’s last nerve! He is kind, caring and cute, and excels academically.

Erik Night

According to…well everyone, Erik Night is the hottest fledgling at the House of Night School. Picture Clark Kent without the spectacles and you are about halfway there! Erik is Zoey’s (other) boyfriend, and has won international recognition for his acting skills.

Jack Twist

Newbie fledgling Jack Twist makes his first appearance in Betrayed. Shy and apprehensive at first, Jack soon finds himself inducted into Zoey’s friendship group. With Erik Night as a room-mate and plenty of love interest from Damien Maslin you could say he hit the ground running!

James Stark

James Stark, who prefers to be called Stark, transferred in from the Chicago House of Night. He’s a sixth former who is also the archery champion of all the vamps, which means of all the world. We don’t know much about him as he joins our House of Night, except that he’s hot, talented and has an almost instant connection with Zoey.